1-Can/does drinking Glucerna shakes help with diabetes management?

Glucerna will only help management of diabetes if it is used in
place of a high carbohydrate or high sugar snack or meal. For
example, if you have a bowl of pretzels as a snack or a Glucerna
as a snack the Glucerna will help prevent a rise in your blood
glucose compared to the pretzels because the carbohydrate
content is lower, it also has protein to help with glucose control
and the pretzels do not.

2-Every morning – or at least 4 to 5 times per week I have 2 eggs
over easy for breakfast. My cholesterol is good. Is this good or bad?

If your cholesterol is controlled your intake of eggs does not
need to be altered. Newer research indicates that in most
people the cholesterol in eggs does not affect the cholesterol in
the blood. Primarily because your liver should decrease the
amount of cholesterol it produces in response to dietary intake
of cholesterol. It has been found that the amount of saturated
fat and added sugars has more of an affect on cholesterol than
dietary cholesterol intake. However, some people are sensitive
to dietary cholesterol so they would need to limit their egg
intake to no more than 3-4 eggs per week.

3-Are there any herbs or supplements that reduce blood sugar?

There are some herbs/supplements that may be able to help
with glucose control. However, keep in mind that the
supplements are unregulated by the FDA. You should also not
start taking any herb or supplement without talking to your
physician first, it is not uncommon for there to be drug
interactions or other potential health affects you may not be
aware of.
Here is a list of potential herbs/supplements that have been
studied and have shown potential to help with glucose control.
Cinnamon, berberine, magnesium, alpha-lipoic acid (ALA),
probiotics, American ginseng, vitamin D, aloe vera, chromium
(only if deficient which is very rare).
See the following website for more details on these specific

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