What fruits have the least sugar that are okay in a diet to lower glucose levels if you are prediabetic? 

The fruits that are the lowest in sugar are: (1 serving of carbohydrate is 15 gm)

Avocado: 1 gm/third of avocado

Raspberries: 5 gm/ cup

Kiwi: 6 gm/kiwi

Strawberries/blackberries: 7 gm/ cup

Grapefruit: 9 gm/ ½ grapefruit (make sure you have no drug interactions)

Watermelon: 10 gm/cup

Orange: 12 gm/medium orange (size of a baseball)

Cantaloupe: 13 gm/cup

Peach: 13 gm/medium (size of tennis ball)

Blueberries: 15 gm/cup

Apple: 19 gm/medium (size of baseball or 3-inch diameter)


Thoughts/Opinion on Super Beets

Super Beets is supposed to give you the equivalent of 3 beets. I don’t see a problem over all with this supplement, especially if you don’t tend to like beets. In my opinion, if you do like beets, incorporate them more in your diet instead of purchasing this product, because it is always better to eat the actual food than take a supplement. Beets themselves are very good for you, besides their detoxification benefits they are also good sources of fiber, folate, manganese, copper, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and Iron. They are high in nitrates which has been shown in research to help lower systolic blood pressure and improve blood flow to the brain. The betalains in beets are anti-inflammatory and beets could have cancer-fighting effects.

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